7 ways to quickly and easily “refresh” a flower garden

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If the flower garden is empty, seems dull, or you want something new, there are many ways to change its appearance. This does not require a lot of time, effort and financial costs. We give simple ideas, thanks to which it will be possible to noticeably transform a flower bed.

There may be several reasons why you have to update the flower garden at the height of the season. The main ones are:

  • some flowers (for example, bulbous ones) have already faded and dried up, and voids have appeared in their place;
  • unsuccessful laying of a flower bed in spring – the plants do not look harmonious or shade each other, grow weakly;
  • the flower garden does not fit into the style of the garden;
  • the flower garden is simply not impressive;
  • The old flower bed is tired and I wanted something new.

And at this time, all the shortcomings of the flower garden are clearly visible. So why not fix them now instead of putting it off for later.

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However, in the summer, at the height of the season, it will not be easy to make drastic changes. To do this, it is better to wait for autumn or spring. But there are ways that will allow you to change the appearance of a flower bed, rabatka or mixborder beyond recognition. And do not be afraid to destroy the composition.

Small changes, if done correctly and tastefully, will noticeably “refresh” the appearance of the flower garden. And most importantly – do not require the adoption of drastic measures and large cash costs.

However, before proceeding with the redevelopment, clearly define what specifically does not suit you and what you would like to get in the end. Evaluate the center of the composition. Usually this is the most beautiful, large or unusual plant that stands out from the rest. Take a closer look at how other cultures harmonize with the dominant plant. Think about what the flower garden is missing and how to fix it. Or, on the contrary, perhaps there are plants that spoil the whole look.

So, here are some ideas on how to transform a flower garden quickly and effortlessly.

Add or change a railing

A border will help to quickly and effectively change the appearance of a flower garden.

If it’s not there, install it. The border can be made of wood, stones, plastic. It is easy to make it from improvised means. For example, deepen inverted glass bottles around the perimeter. Also use the remnants of paving slabs, bricks, tree rings, twigs and branches.

If there is already a fence, change it to a more modern version.

Some install metal, forged, openwork frames for flower beds. They look impressive, although they will require material costs.

You can “play” with the height of the curb – make the fence higher or choose an option that barely rises above the ground. The main rule is that the border should fit into the overall style of the garden.

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Complete the flower bed with new elements

Bright details will give an amazing accent note to even the most gloomy flower garden. Ennoble it with garden figurines, matched to the style of the site.

Set up a drinking cup for the birds. Install an arch or pergola. Even the design itself will give the flower bed a special charm, and if desired, you can plant a fast-growing vine nearby and let the plant grow along the support.

An original support for a bush or a processed snag from the forest will also become the very accent that will make the flower arrangement more interesting and eye-catching.

Find a use for old things

Surely you have old things in your dacha that lie idle, but it is still a pity to throw them away. We offer to breathe a second life into them and make them an addition to a bright flower bed.

You can stylize a flower bed with the help of tools that have served their time, containers (leaky buckets, pots, basins, watering cans and barrels), chairs, wheelbarrows, bicycles and even shoes. If you repair them or just tint them, and then plant plants inside or nearby, you will get an original flower arrangement.

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Change your mulch

Sometimes, in order to update a boring composition, you need quite a bit. It is enough just to replace the mulch with a substrate of a different shade so that the flower bed sparkles with new colors.

Mulch is an excellent material for decorating a flower garden, if you are not afraid to experiment with different textures and fractions.

Used as mulch:

  • pebbles
  • gravel,
  • pine bark,
  • wood chips,
  • nutshell,
  • sphagnum moss or other materials.

Alternate them or lay out simple patterns or stripes from them.

To quickly refresh a flower bed, tree bark or stone chips, you can take a colored one. Choose a material that best suits the composition in terms of color and texture. But try to avoid overly bright, catchy shades. Give preference to close to natural colors.

Mulching ornamental plants solves several problems at once. Mulch keeps moisture in the soil longer. Such material inhibits the growth of weeds and improves soil structure. And it also radically changes the appearance of a particular corner of the garden.

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Use container plants

Container gardens have been especially popular in recent years. And in the case of a boring flower bed, this is a kind of lifesaver.

Ornamental plants in pots or tubs are a great tool for your garden. The use of such plants makes it possible:

  • solve the most non-trivial design problems;
  • economical use of space in the flower garden;
  • it is easy to hide the empty place;
  • constantly experiment due to the mobility of plants;
  • grow capricious perennials;
  • transform a flower garden in minutes.

Alyssum, astilbe, verbena, hibiscus, lobelia, pampas grass, petunia, boxwood, thuja and other ornamental crops will look spectacular in a container.

If funds do not allow, it is not necessary to buy plants in a container. You can use some indoor flowers or transplant the perennial into the container you like. The main thing is to carefully dig up the plant and not damage the roots. In one to two weeks, the culture will take root if you shade the plant and do not forget about watering.

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Change the accent of the flower bed

Another option for a simple and quick update of the flower bed is a change of accent.

To improve the appearance, you can either add a dominant plant or remove existing ones.

Carefully inspect the flower bed. Perhaps it has become unsightly due to the fact that individual bushes have grown too large or lost their shape. Remove such plantations in whole or in part. And also get rid of plants that do not fit together.

In their place, it is better to plant one, but a spectacular bush, which will immediately “cheer up” a dull section of the garden.

Yes, the transplanted plant will have to be carefully looked after, but for the sake of beauty it’s not too lazy to work hard.

Plant new flyers

Another way to revive the flower garden and add color to it is to plant bright annuals.

If you decide to stay on this option, choose the types and varieties of plants that bloom profusely and for a long time. Suitable petunia, lobelia, calendula, nasturtium, marigolds, etc.

It is advisable to purchase seedlings in pots. These are sold in garden centers until the fall. If you do not damage the earthen ball and water it regularly, then the seedlings will take root pretty quickly.

If you can’t afford the option to buy, seat the flyers that are in the country. Do this as carefully as possible without damaging the roots so that the transplant is painless. And do not forget about regular care.

Or sow fast-growing varieties of annual flowers directly into the ground. After a month and a half, they will delight you with flowering.

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